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Every Writer Needs ProWritingAid... Let me tell you why

Typos will kill an author's career before it gets started. There are a billion and one reasons why readers will be turned off from your work. But at the very top of the list is a poorly edited book. While ProWritingAid isn't a substitute for hiring a professional editor, it is an absolute must (in my opinion) for doing your own round of edits before you turn it over. Side note: it's also a helpful tool for professional editors.

And now, I will tell you why I love it so. I'm bringing you inside my writing world. Here's a sample of my manuscript for an upcoming release, For Better And For Worse.

In this screenshot, I've loaded my manuscript from Scrivener (another must-have) writer's tool that I love. If you look to the left, you'll see all of my chapters that imported. Now look across the top and you'll see several reports.


When I ran the Realtime report, I found 19 possible issues in the first chapter. Each issue is color coded and underlined in the chapter. I can use this information to review each issue and make any necessary corrections.


The Writing Style Report highlights areas where you can improve the readablity of your work. For instance, do you have a lot of passive and hidden verbs? Did you begin several sentences with the same word? Are you doing more emotional telling than showing? These are the types of issues that copy editors will look for in your writing (in fact, word on the street is that a lot of them use ProWritingAid)


Similar to spellcheck in Word or Pages, or even Grammarly, the Grammar Report uses artificial intelligence algorithms to alert the writer to potential grammar issues. Again, as with all of the other tools, you can review their suggestions and make changes where needed. ProWritingAid also offers a free online grammar checker!


Every writer knows the value of a thesaurus. We all have our go-to words that will appear in every manuscript. ProWritingAid allows us to run reports on Cliches, Overused words, and Echos. The thesaurus will over suggestions to help transform our writing from lazy to spectacular.


You may have certain aspects of your writing that you want to check and others that are just fine. With the Combo Report, you are able to pick and choose what you want to see. For me, I'm big on checking for cliches and echos.


The Readability Report (not scene in the image) is one of my favorite tools. A great writer is more than using a lot of fancy-schmancy words. It's writing that communicates succinctly and effectively your intended message while keeping your readers engaged. The Readability Report looks for areas of your work where you may be confusing your reader, and then it makes suggestions to streamline and fine-tune your message. An invaluable resource!

Sentence Structure

Did you know that one of the best ways to keep your reader engaged is to vary your sentence lengths? ProWritingAid will run a report, showing you your sentence lengths by word count.

And Much More!

There are several other reports like the Transition Report, Consistency Check, Pacing Check, Dialogue Tags, Adverb Usage, and more!


ProWritingAid allows you to type directly into the program or upload your files from Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and other program.

The best way to learn about ProWritingAid is to dive in and try it. They offer a FREE, no obligation, trial where you can see if it works for you. Try their free version and see how ProWritingAid can help you.

Be Blessed and Have a Fantastic Day!


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