What Limits Are You Setting?… Because God Is Setting None

I think the Lord asked me a trick question today. LOL

At the conclusion of my morning meditation, I closed my eyes and listened to God speak into my spirit. In particular, He was talking to me about an upcoming book festival where I have a table. He was asking me how many books I wanted to take. And I gave Him a number. And He said, “Okay, if that’s all you want to sell, then that’s all you take. I’m not setting the limit for you, Monica. You are.”

Hmmm…with my eyes closed, He actually opened my eyes and the lesson of my morning Bible study came to life within me. David sings a song of deliverance in 2 Sam. 22:29 when he says, “For You are my lamp, O LORD; And the LORD illumines my darkness” David is saying that God is shining a light in his darkness. And that God is his light.

Proverbs 20:5 (KJV), tells us that, “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water; but a man of understanding will draw it out.” We know that anytime we see the word “but”, we discount what came before it and then focus on what’s coming next. So, when I re-read the scripture, I realize that what’s most important here is the not the fact that the counsel within me runs as deep as water in a well, but it’s when I have understanding of that fact that I am able to draw it out.

So, in that moment following my Bible study, I gained understanding. And with this understanding, I will see my place in the National Black Book Festival in a whole new way. (Though, in all honesty, it will take me a moment to establish within myself this new truth)

God shed light on the fact that I place limits where He doesn’t. And so He allows me to achieve what I said I could. But in doing so, I stop myself from achieving what HE says is possible. God places the counsel within me, through the Holy Spirit, but it’s when I gain full understanding of the blessing I have in the Holy Spirit that I am able to draw out every last drop of that counsel. And it’s not surface level either. God says the counsel in the heart of man is like DEEP water.

Is. 11:2 tells us, “The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him– the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD”

To live a successful life, it takes more than just hearing the Living Word. We have to draw from the Living Word. We have to use it. God tells us that His Spirit will rest on us. It will give us wisdom and understanding, counsel, might, and knowledge.

What limits do you set? Do you want a house, but you can only believe for rent money? Do you want a career, but can only believe for a job? Do you want complete healing in your body, but you’ll be happy if He just takes away your headache? Do you want to be married, but you’ll accept a dating relationship that never ends? What limits do you set for yourself? Because when you abide in Him and His Living Word abides in you, you can ask what you wish and it shall be done for you. (John 15:7 – my paraphrase)

He’s not setting the limits on your life. You are. Allow Him to take the limits off and live life on a level that you’ve never dreamed was possible!

Be Blessed and Have a Fantastic Day!


– I am not a preacher, minister, evangelist, etc. I’m just a woman who has a heart for God.

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