Take Time For God... You're Too Busy Not To

Many of us are busy. I mean very busy! Our day starts before the sun wakes up and ends long after its gone to bed. We go to sleep with our life situations on our minds and wake up still thinking about them.

But what if when you woke up tomorrow and went into your kitchen to make your first cup of coffee/tea, you saw Jesus was sitting at your kitchen table? Would you tell Him, “Sorry Lord, I don’t have time to talk right now, gotta get ready for work.” Or would you stop everything and spend time with Him? For those of us who believe in Jesus, I believe you’d pause what you’re doing. You would not let that moment of spending time with Him pass you by. You would shift everything you had going on that day because you’d be so honored that He stopped by your house just to spend time with you. And what if He said He’d be back tomorrow, if you wanted Him to. Would you say, “Sorry Lord, today was good enough, but I’m super busy tomorrow.” Or would you adjust your tomorrow so you could spend time with Him? Again, I know you’d rearrange your schedule or wake up a little earlier. And you’d do it because the time spent in His Presence is invaluable. You know this to be true because you’ve felt it before. Maybe during a spirit-filled moment in church or a personal praise session in your car. You know how it feels to be covered in His anointing.

And He’s telling you that you can live in that place. Just because you can’t see Him with your natural eyes doesn’t mean He’s not sitting at your kitchen table when you wake up and fix that cup of coffee. He’s there. And He’s waiting for you to realize that you have too much going on in your life to not make Him a priority. He’s watching you focus on the wrong things and shaking His head, waiting for you to just ask Him what to do. Because He’d tell you. He’s got great life-changing ideas in store for you, and you’re missing them because you haven’t slowed down enough to talk to Him and ask Him what you should be doing. You’re spending time in a dead-end relationship because you won’t ask Him if he/she is “the one”. There is an awesome book by Gloria Copeland called “To Know Him: Beyond Religion Waits a Relationship That Will Change Your Life”. In it she says, “God is the only One who has all the answers. He knows where you need to go in life and how to get you there. He has a solution for every problem. He has the master plan for your life!”

So draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you…” (James 4:8a KJV) Establish within yourself that God cannot lie. If He tells you He’ll be there when you knock, then He’ll be there when you knock. You won’t get voicemail when you call because He’ll answer you. His Word will never return to Him empty but will accomplish what He pleases and prosper where He sent it.

So take time for God…you’re too busy not to

Be Blessed and Enjoy Your Day!


I’m not a minister, preacher, evangelist, etc. I’m just a woman who has a heart for God

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