Is Your Crop A Perennial Or An Annual?

Recently I had lunch with a very good friend who was beating herself up over a mistake that she made years ago. A mistake that cost her dearly. A mistake that hurt a lot of people. A mistake that God had already forgiven her for. Years ago. As soon as we sat down, she started to sing her, “I feel so bad” song, with the “that’s not who I am” hook. And I said, “You made a mistake that is now part of your history. But it doesn’t define who you are. It speaks to a moment in time and reflects something you did. And God forgave you for it. All of us have sinned and will sin again. Newsflash: that’s not the only sin in your life. And I have some doozies in my past too. But they don’t define me. They only define my action or words in a particular moment in time.

Stop turning an annual crop into a perennial crop. I was very stern with my friend. I believe it wasn’t actually me talking. It was God using my mouth to shake her. Wake her up! satan is a flesh-devil and he can’t comprehend the things of the spirit. Prior to my friend’s mistake, she was a powerhouse for God. Do you hear me? A POWERHOUSE! And satan knew it. Life happened to her, as it happens to all of us, and she made a bad choice. But she repented years ago and God forgave her. But that darn devil, he wanted to keep her in bondage. He knew that if he could keep the guilt song playing in her life, that God wouldn’t be able to use her the way He had previously. And God wanted His warrior back!

When I told her to stop turning her annual crop into a perennial one, I experienced what Oprah calls and “ah ha” moment. The Living Word of God tells us that we reap what we sow. That’s scripture. And then I started thinking about perennial crops and annual crops. An annual crop arises from seeds that are planted every year. Perennial crops return every year without needing to be replanted. The crop of sin was the result of a planted seed. But it wasn’t meant to be a harvest of self-hatred and financial destruction that was ongoing. God forgave her and killed the harvest. Years ago. But because she couldn’t accept His forgiveness, she planted seeds of self-hatred, pity, poverty, chaos, anger, bitterness, resentment, etc. She was planting curses in her life and watering them with her tears. God would blow away the seeds before they had a chance to take root and she’d plant more. She was determined to kick herself for the rest of her life.

But God wanted to use her. He wanted her to plant different seeds. Seeds that would produce the fruit of the spirit and victory in her life. Here’s the thing about perennial seeds of life; you plant them once and you continually tend to the crop. You water them with your time in the Word, your obedience to God, your abiding in Christ, your tithes and offerings. And your crop will continually produce blessings in your life! It’s a perennial. The seeds don’t have to be replanted! Hallelujah!

I saw my friend change before my eyes during our lunch. I saw the Living Word of God take root in her. I saw her thirsty spirit finally get some water. She’d been tending to her crop of curses and it was like I saw her put down her rake and walk over to seeds of blessings. It’s not a crop yet, after all, the seeds were just planted. But it won’t be long. If she tends to her crop daily, she’ll soon see a harvest that’s abundant with the love of God. Amen!

What crop are you harvesting? Please don’t turn a crop that was only intended for a season into a perennial.

Be Blessed and Have a Fantastic Day!


– I am not a preacher, minister, evangelist, etc. I am just a woman who has a heart for God.

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