How Optimistic Are You?

Usually my blogs come from my quiet time with God. But this one is different. I was watching a news program and the question was “who would be your ideal TV guest”? The male newscaster said “The Queen of England” and the female newscaster said, “good luck, that’s doubtful”. And he responded “well, you have to be optimistic”. His response resonated with me. That one statement gave insight into how that newscaster thought. Even in a hypothetical situation, he was positive. He could have said, “yeah, you’re right hahaha.” But no, he said you have to be optimistic. Then I paid attention to additional banter between them, and it stayed the same. She pointed out the negative in each story and he pointed out the positive. By the end of the program, I wondered how much he actually enjoyed sitting next to her!

So what you about? How optimistic are you? When someone says something negative to you, do you accept it or toss it? If you were that male newscaster, how would you have handled that scenario? Would you have agreed with her? Would you have deflected the negativity?

I’m not judging. Just posing a question. To live our best lives, mindset and disposition are huge.

Be mindful of your optimism levels and be honest with yourself about where you are. Just having an awareness is a great step toward improvementl. No matter where you are, there’s probably at least a little room for improvement.

The more positive you are the better your life will be! I have a friend that I used to work with and she’d laugh at me because I refused to let a negative comment, even when it was intended to be funny, be the last words spoken over me. Like if I tripped, and someone said, “girl you gon’ break your neck.” I’d say, “no I’m not”, or “I rebuke you, in Jesus’ name”. I said, ” I rebuke you in Jesus’ name” so much it almost became a joke. But they knew I was serious. ” That was years ago and I’m still the same. I don’t let negativity settle on me. Nope. I welcome the love and I discard anything that is out of line with who God says I am. I am vigilant about words. If the heavens and earth were created by words, then imagine what can happen to us because of words. Both positive and negative. I encourage you to be the same! Be in the optimist’s club with me. And if you’re in it, then let’s keep inviting more members!

Be Blessed and Have a Fantastic Day!


– I am not a preacher, evangelist, minister, etc. I am just a woman who has a heart for God.

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