God Is No Respecter Of Persons…But He Is A Respecter Of Faith

Have you ever seen someone be blessed and think, if God is no respecter of persons then why do they seem to be blessed and I’m not? Or think that you’re blessed but they are blessed more? If God is no respecter of persons then I should have what they have. And since I don’t, then it sure does seem like He’s playing favorites. I’m just sayin’…

Or maybe you haven’t had that exact thought, but possibly something similar. Like, “Why are all my friends getting married and I want to be married and can’t even get a date?” Or, “Why does it seem like everyone I know is accomplished in their careers and I can’t even keep a job?”

It is true that God isn’t a respecter of people. He wants His best for each of us. But He is a respecter of faith. And He honors our faith in Him and His Living Word.

Throughout His Word, He tells us to come to Him and ask Him for what we desire. But when we ask we must ask in faith. No doubt. No wavering. And just as clear as God is that He will give us the desires of our heart so our joy is full, He’s equally clear that when we come to Him with doubt in our hearts, we should expect nothing from Him.

Many times, when people pray (myself included, but I’m working on it), we aren’t fully convinced in what we’re saying. We haven’t fully established within ourselves that God cannot lie.

Philippians 4:6-7 tells us when we come to God, we have to be free of worry and anxiety. We are to come to Him prayerfully, believing that He hears us. Believing that all of His promises are true.

When He says His Word never returns to Him void, but accomplishes what He pleases, and prospers in the place where He sent it, and yet we don’t see the manifestation of what He said, and it looks like His Living Word did return void, here’s what actually happened. It didn’t return to HIM void. The problem is us. It returned to US void. Why? Because we didn’t have as much faith in His Word as He has. Our lack of faith hindered His perfect will being done in us and for us. But He knows this. He knows we stumble. And because He loves us so much, His Living Word tells us that He will help our unbelief. We just need to honest about where we are.

Why? Because God meets us where we are. And He draws us to Him… if we let Him.

Right now, I’m believing God for HUGE things. At least they’re huge for me. Considering He spoke and created the world, what I want really isn’t that big of a deal to Him. So every time I experience any amount of victory, I celebrate. I praise Him. I thank Him. I receive the overflow He wants to give me. And my faith and subsequent manifestation are expanding. Amen!

When we pray and don’t ask for what He says He wants to give us, it’s usually because we aren’t sure what we can ask for and so what we pray is rooted in fear. Fear that our prayer won’t be answered. But we overcome that when we commune with Him daily. If you spend one hour a day with God, that’s 365 hours in a year. That’s a total of two months in fellowship with God! How much better would our lives be if we gave Him two months of our undivided attention a year? Even if all you have to give is 15 minutes a day, that equals 90 hours in a year! That’s still a lot of time. And when you get going, there is no way you’ll only do 15 minutes. I’m sure of it!

And when we know His will, then we can pray in confidence. No doubting. And we’ll see the manifestation of our confident prayer in our lives. And we will see that God really is no respecter of persons. And that He is a respecter of faith!!

My question to you today, is “How are you praying?”

Be Blessed and Have A Fantastic Day!


– I am not a preacher, minister, evangelist, etc. I’m just a woman who has a heart for God.

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