Establish Within Yourself… That God Cannot Lie

Recently I was watching a Jesse Duplantis tape and heard something that changed my life. I used to think that Jesse Duplantis was just a funny preacher that was all about money. But lately, I’ve been watching his messages and what I’m learning couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s really a faith teacher and the “things” he speaks of are simply a by-product of his faith.

In one of his sermons, he said “establish within yourself that God cannot lie”. As a Christian, I’ve heard “God is not a man that He should lie.” I’ve heard that all of my life and I’ve believed it. But for some reason, when I heard it the way Jesse put it, it resonated with me in a way that it never has before.

Establish within myself that God cannot lie. To go deeper with that thought, I read the definition of “establish”.

1. To gain full recognition or acceptance of

2. To show the existence or truth of, by evidence

Related Words – Attest, Authenticate, Bear Out, Support, Sustain, Uphold, Confirm, Corroborate, Justify, Verify, Identify, Confess, Testify, Certify, Witness

So if I’m establishing within myself that God cannot lie, then I could also say it this way:

Monica, gain full recognition and acceptance within yourself that God cannot lie.

Monica, show the existence, by evidence, within yourself that God cannot lie.

Monica, attest, authenticate, bear out, support, sustain, uphold, confirm, corroborate, justify, verify, identify, confess, testify, certify, and witness within myself that God cannot lie.

The only way I can do this is to know God. I have to know His character. I have to know what He says. I have to talk to Him. I have to read His Word. I have to remember all of the things in my life that have happened because He told me it would. That’s how I know God. And that’s how I establish within myself that God cannot lie.

How about you? Have you established within yourself that God cannot lie? I can promise you this. The more you become rooted in that promise He’s given us, the better your life will be. Do you have a need? Seek His Word about it. Find out what He says. Then establish within yourself that because He cannot lie, His Word will never return to Him void. He will accomplish His purpose in your life. Why? Because He cannot lie.

I’m not a preacher, evangelist, prophet, etc. I’m just a woman who has a heart for God and desires to share what I learn in the hopes that it may benefit someone else.

Be blessed!

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