Do You Need Miracles?

I was in my morning meditation and a thought jumped out of my spirit. When we abide in Christ, we won’t really need miracles. As part of my time with God, I like to watch DVD’s of sermons from various preachers. And when the camera pans the audience, I often wonder how many people leave there with hope and never see anything change in their lives. And this morning I was thinking about church services that I’ve been to where the spirit was high and people were shouting and dancing and praising God. But how many really saw a significant change in their lives when they got home?

And God spoke to me and said, “Many people are living for my miracles because they won’t abide in me. But if they abided in me then they’d need fewer miracles.” Wow. I was a “miracle needing” Christian for most of my saved life. But when God started working on me in the area of abiding in Him, I began to need His miracles less and less. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll take any miracle He sees fit to bestow on me! LOL. But my real victory in my life comes from making Him a priority.

Daily communion with God before I truly start my day! And I look forward to it. I enjoy waking up and going into my sitting room with the waterfall fountain and turning on my candle warmer so the air is fragrant. Having my cup of coffee in my “Live Like A Star” mug. I take my place on my oversized chair, wrap up in my blanket, and I start my communion with God. I journal and He plants seeds inside of me that spring up. I write my testimonies to remind myself that He keeps His Word to me. I praise Him thru my pen. And I take my time because I’m giving myself time to hear from Him. Communion with God isn’t a monologue. It’s a dialogue. Then I start reading. Usually it’s a chapter in a Christian book on a particular topic and I have another notebook where I take notes about what I’m reading. I’ll search the scriptures on that topic. In general, I have a great time with God. And I end our morning quiet time, by putting everything down, saying a prayer, and then being still. And God talks to me. And I listen. And now my day is prepped for success!

God and I talk all day. He speaks into my spirit and I hear Him. My need for miracles has lessened because I’m learning to abide in Him. I’m continually Establishing Within Myself That God Cannot Lie. And so now I have more to stand on. When I needed miracles on a regular basis, it was because I didn’t know what the Living Word said regarding whatever I was dealing with. Or the only time I opened my Bible was when I was desperate and needed Him quickly. And I was trying to string together Bible verses without having the context behind them. But God is so good. He’d speak to me. And since I couldn’t pray with the power and conviction I needed, He’d give me a boost in the form of a miracle. A little supernatural help. I’m thankful for His gift of miracles. And thankful for the privilege to be able to abide in Him. and put Him in remembrance of His Living Word because He watches over His Living Word to perform it in my life.

How about you? Do you need the miracles?

Be Blessed and Have a Fantastic Day!


– I am not a preacher, minister, evangelist, etc. I’m just a woman with a heart for God.

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