Go Get Your Bananas!

July 19, 2017

There was a study done where 5 monkeys were in a cage.  At the top of the cage, well beyond the reach of the monkeys, was a bunch of bananas.  And underneath the bananas was a ladder.  One by one the monkeys climbed the ladder trying to get to the bananas.  But as they did so, the experimenter sprayed the monkeys with water.  Eventually the monkeys stopped trying. The experimenter then replaced one of the monkeys with a new monkey. Naturally, that new monkey saw the bunch of bananas and went for it.  But the remaining monkeys, pulled him off the ladder.  And beat him! They wouldn’t let the monkey go after what he wanted.  One by one each of the original monkeys were replaced, yet despite none of the new monkeys ever experiencing the wet, cold spray, they had all learned never to try and go for the bananas.  They’d been trained to never go for that they wanted.  What was physically within their reach, was mentally out of their reach.

This experiment is representative of what happens in our lives.  We see something that we want, but we’re discouraged to go for it. Sometimes we’ve been programmed not to even try.

I think it’s time for us to delete the negative things we’ve internalized and replace them with what God says.  We need to know that God wants us to go get our bananas!!  After all, He’s the One Who is giving us the bananas!  

Question for today – what bananas are you looking at and drooling over, yet too afraid to climb the ladder to get them? Instead of starting out reaching for the entire bunch of bananas, just grab one.  Take the steps up the ladder to get at least one banana.  And enjoy it.  It’ll make going for the rest of your bananas so much easier. If you stay at the bottom of the ladder, looking up, but never daring to try, you’ll regret it.  When the day comes and you’re no longer strong enough to climb the ladder, and the opinions of all the monkeys around you are no longer important to you, you’re gonna wish you’d taken that step when you had the chance.  


Be Blessed and Go Get Your Bananas!


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