6 Steps To Having All Your Needs Met!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to worry about your needs being met? To just be confident that any and everything you need is provided? I heard a pastor say that he doesn’t talk to God about his needs. He’ll talk to God about the things he wants, but not his needs. And he said that all of his needs are met, so there’s no reason for it to be a topic of discussion. I love that! So I listened to how he got to that space because I wanted to settle it once and for all within me so I could move on to other things with God too. Here are some suggestions that will help get you to the same space where this pastor lives, and where I’m headed.

1) Establish within yourself that God cannot lie. One of my first blog posts was on this subject. Because I believe it sets the foundation for your faith. Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior? And do you know that you are going to Heaven? If this is you, the only way you can believe this is true is by faith. At some point, you had to establish this as truth within yourself. And it’s settled. You believe God and His Living Word without question as it relates to your salvation. (And if it’s not settled, and you question your salvation, then talk to Him about it. He wants you to believe John 3:16). So the same way you’ve established within yourself that God isn’t lying about your salvation, is the same way you establish within yourself that He cannot lie about anything! And if He tells you something in His Living Word, then it’s true.

2) Know what God says about your needs being met. And needs isn’t just material. We have needs that are spiritual, physical, and financial. And in Philippians 4:19, He says “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” There are a couple things here that I’d like to point out. A lot of times when this Scripture is quoted, we say, “shall provide all of my needs.” But the word is really need. I believe it’s not plural because He sees what you need as one. He doesn’t break them out, and then pick and choose what He will provide. Take it at face value and believe He provides it all. And second, He bases it on what He has. His riches. Not ours! So we won’t always be able to see how He’s going to do it. But just trust that He will.

3) Let your 10% cover your 90%. I also blogged about tithing. It’s critical to having all of your needs met. Being honest and transparent with you, I’ve been a faithful tither and I’ve also been a lazy tither. And my life is infinitely better when I’m a faithful tither! So I’ve settled within myself that it’s no longer an option and I just do it now. And I actually love it. And I absolutely see the benefit. God says He’ll open up the windows of Heaven and pours out blessings that I can’t hold them all. Read Revelations 21 and get a visual of Heaven. That’s what rains down on you when you tithe. And He’ll rebuke the devourer for our sake. That proetction doesn’t exist when you don’t tithe.

4) Be obedient. God blesses His obedient children. There’s not much more to say about this. He’s a parent who loves His children. Just like earthly parents love their children and require obedience, so does God. Your child can’t ignore you all day, disobey your rules, and then not expect unpleasant consequences. Same with God. You can’t live an unholy, disobedient life and expect the same level of blessing that you’d have if you lived an obedient and holy life. I’m just sayin’.

5) Let your words confirm your confession. Don’t have a need and then speak against having it met. My aunt has taught me to phrase things in the positive. Instead of saying what I don’t want (negative), say what I do want (positive). This is an awesome exercise because this way of thinking makes you a solution-oriented thinker and it keeps your confession on track. So if you have a car payment due and say “I don’t see how I’m going to pay my car note this month”, then chances are you’ll miss making the payment. If you aren’t tithing and being obedient to God, you’ll probably miss the payment. But if you’re living as you should and God is getting we He requires, then confess that “my God shall supply all of my need, according to His riches in glory and blessings from heaven pour down on me”. And then leave it to God to work it out.

6) And my last suggestion, and this one is a lot of fun in my opinion is: sow a seed. Sow into someone’s life with your time, talent, resources, etc. Be a blessing to others. If you have a couple extra dollars and you see a woman with a lot of kids at the grocery story and she looks overwhelmed, give her $5.00 or $50.00 or whatever you can do in that moment. Be a blessing to her. My husband and I like to play “name your tip” with our servers when we go out to restaurants. I don’t share to be boastful, I just share this as an example of what you can do. And we only do it as God leads. When the bill comes, we ask our server how much do they want for a tip? They are always surprised and never want to give us a dollar amount. But eventually they’ll give us a number and we’ll say “are you sure you don’t want more?” I’m telling you, this game is so much fun. We’ll finally settle on a higher number and that’s what we give them. Then we’ll tell them how God loves them and wants them to be blessed. Inevitably, when we leave, we’ll see them sharing what just happened with their co-workers. We brought joy to their faces. We shared God’s goodness and we sowed good seed. We know it’s coming back to us, but that’s not our motivation. It’s already settled that it’s coming back. No, our motivation is to be a blessing. And it brings joy to us. So try it. Think of a way to be a blessing to someone and then sow the seed!

So that’s it! These 6 tips will get you on track to never having to ask God about your need again. And then you can move on to the fun stuff when you talk to God!

Be Blessed and Have A Fantastic Day!


– I am not an evangelist, preacher, minister, etc. I am just a woman who has a heart for God.

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