Give the Gift of Hope

It's True

75 out of 100 prisoners will be rearrested within 5 years

Children Suffer

They have performance and behavioral issues/challenges

It's True

Inmates who find CHRIST are 50% LESS LIKELY     to be rearreseted

YOU can help

Purchase a devotional and we will send it to an inmate or parolee 


When my brother, Aaron, was sentenced to twelve years in 2019, our family was devastated. His time away has had an indescribable impact on all of us, but especially his children.


When we wrote Walk In God's Grace: Faith Felons, A 21-Day Devotional we did it for our own peace of mind. We quickly discovered that this book is having a rippling effect of positive change and we want to get it into the hands of every inmate who needs it.


We've set a goal of getting this devotional to 1000 inmates by the end of 2019. That means that we could help 500 inmates exit the criminal system and become productive members of our communities. 

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