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Writer Community

Each and every one of us has gifts and talents inside of us that the world is waiting to experience!
Part of what brings me joy is writing and having people enjoy my work. The other part of my writing joy is helping other writers bring their work to life. In today's world of Indie authors, it is completely possible to self publish your own work. Gone are the days where you only made it to bookshelves if a publishing house deemed your work worthy!
When you subscribe to my mailing list for writers, you'll receive eight (8) straight days of Self Publishing Tips on these topics:
  • Writing An Awesome Manuscript
  • Power Of An Amazing Editor
  • Copyrighting Your Work
  • Designing Your Cover
  • Print On Demand Options
  • Digitally Publishing
  • Branding Yourself/Marketing Your Book
  • Celebrate!!
We discuss how you protect your work, collect 70% in royalties, take advantage of Money Saving Tips $$, such as creating a book cover for under $50, and I give you links to necessary websites so you don't have to do the legwork!
And I continue sharing! And it's all helpful. And it's all free!!! So take advantage. I spent THOUSANDS of dollars through my mistakes and I'm trying to save you from the same fate! LOL
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