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Meet Monica

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I've always believed that we have the ability to make our dreams our lives, as long as we're willing to roll up our sleeves and work hard. We also have to be comfortable taking chances because great things happen when we reap the crops we've sown. 


After fourteen years in Corporate America, life decided to send me in a different direction. Scared? Nah. Scurrrred? Absolutely! I always thought I'd use my degree in Marketing and my MBA to benefit someone else's business and that was fine. But when life kicked me, my husband supported my decision to try my hand at something else for a year. We agreed that, if needed, a nine-to-five job would always be there. So, a little afraid and very excited, I stepped off the ledge into the unknown. With zero doubt, the road has been flooded with more tears than I care to be honest about and has been much harder than I ever anticipated.

So, why do it? Because my dreams are on this path. It's more than keeping my eye on the prize at the end of the road. It's understanding that I will always be on the road and I need to celebrate my successes, learn from my failures, have a seat and rest when needed, and most importantly, always find the strength to keep moving.


As an author of several books and owner of multiple businesses that are steadily growing, I am proof that your best life is on the path God has for you. 

One thing I've realized and share at every opportunity I'm given is that my dreams are far smaller than any reality God has ordained for my life, so I remain open to all His possibilities. It is my sincere hope that as I strive to live my life to the best of my ability, we can connect in the wonderful world of social media and encourage each other as you do the same! My husband always says, "Teamwork makes the dream work." And I believe that to be true!

Be Blessed!


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