The Chanelle Series Novels
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Just when she thought her life was on track, her mistakes and sins of her past come back to haunt her. 

Chanelle Series Hands Off My Man Book 2

Two women. One man. One wedding.

How do you stand by your man when he's about to go on trial for murder?

Also By Monica Lynne Foster
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Single Mama dating! It doesn't get any more complicated than that!

Whether you sit inside or outside of prison walls, God's grace extends to all who need it. It's His will for you to experience joy and peace in the midst of your storm.

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Meet Monica Lynne

Monica Lynne Foster is the author of the Chanelle Series Novels and inspirational nonfiction which may seem like they don't go together. But, hey, when life gets a little tough, who doesn't need a little inspiration and a mental vacation? (Read More) 

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