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Will the Sins of Her Past Kill Her Future?

Chanelle Slate is sexy, successful, and full of drama.  Professionally, she’s a rising star at her technology firm and on track to make partner. Personally, she believes she is enjoying the love of her adoring boyfriend, Michael. Until one moment of betrayal - and a baseball bat - shatter her dreams. 

Against heavenly advice, she seeks comfort in the arms of her married colleague before finally giving up on dating and isolating herself from those who care about her. When she bumps into Rick Faust, her love from college, rekindling a relationship is the last thing on her mind. But his strength and protection when she goes through the biggest challenge of her life endears him to her. There’s only one problem. She has a secret; one that she will go to great lengths, including enlisting help from her level-headed best friend, Michele, to keep buried. 


By the time the love she craves is in front of her, the mistakes and sins of her past come back to haunt her and she wonders if everyone will make it out alive.

Hands Off

He Loves the One... But He's Loyal to the Other

Chanelle Slate believes she has it all. Beauty, a six-figure career, love of family, a ride or die bestie, and her dream guy. She knows her marriage proposal is around the corner and can’t wait to be Mrs. Chanelle Faust. Until she meets her man’s ex, and discovers his ex suffers from a mental illness. Will Chanelle find a way to keep her man without crossing the line and driving his ex over the edge?

Twyla Logan-Faust is used to being a kept woman. But when her boyfriend is sentenced to life without parole and her accountant takes off with her money, the life she’s used to living crumbles. She turns back to her ex-husband, Rick, hoping to resume her position as his wife. Rick is the only man who knows about her bipolar condition and he’s the only one she can trust. Even when she discovers he’s moved on, she remains confident that no other woman can replace her. With a little coaxing, she’s positive she’ll be Mrs. Twyla Faust again.

Rick Faust is caught in the middle. His love for Chanelle is undeniable, but he was Twyla's protector for nine years. He knows Twyla’s condition is serious. His rejection of her could have devastating consequences for all of them. It's impossible to keep both women happy and his decision will change all of their lives forever.

The battle is on! With both women determined to be the new Mrs Faust, who will he choose?

Standing By Your Man Ain't Easy

Every marriage will have its ups and downs, but how do you stand by your husband when he’s about to go on trial for murder?


That’s the question Michele Burke has to answer when her husband is accused of killing Carlos Diego over a gambling debt. She’s faced with trusting a broken legal system or taking matters into her own hands while being overwhelmed by the knowledge, and anger, that he’s been keeping secrets from her.


When her BFF, Chanelle, convinces her that if his case goes to trial he will be convicted, she panics and lets Chanelle talk her into solving the case.


Now, keeping secrets of her own, the best friends set out to find Carlos’ killer and clear Ben’s name.


Can they do it or will the two encounter a situation greater than they can handle and uncover truths they never expected?


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